Business Intelligence and Safety Culture Insights

Safety Culture encompasses the ways in which safety is viewed and managed in your workplace. It is formed by various factors, including attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, policies and values related to safety.

Using the Safety Culture Survey provides invaluable business intelligence for decision support around safety initiatives, culture, employer branding, employee engagement, and more.

The comprehensive Safety Culture report measures and provides insight into three key sections:

  1. Employee feedback – Confidential online 10-15 minute survey allows employees at all levels to rate their perceptions of safety behavior and practices in the organization.
  2. Safety practices checklist – Completed by a representative of the organization.
  3. Safety incident data report – Submitted by a representative of the organization.

The comprehensive report measures your organization’s current safety culture so you can implement changes and monitor program success to improve the company’s safety culture with annual assessments.


The Benefits of Measuring Safety Culture

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  • Business Intelligence for Decisions Around Safety Initiatives:

    Insights gained from your workforce can show the important and essential areas for safety improvement. Understand where to focus your efforts to have the most impact on safety culture.

  • Measure Year Over Year Improvements:

    By regularly updating and analyzing your company’s employee safety assessment data, you can fully view your organization’s year-over-year changes in culture and report on what initiatives are working well.

  • Compare Managers to Workers:

    Determine if your managers’ views are in line with the attitudes and behaviors of your workers, and with your organization’s policies and culture.


How TalentClick Measures Safety Culture


Invite Participants

Participants are sent an invitation to complete the survey. Invite all those in a safety-related role to take part (frontline to leadership).


Participants Complete Survey

  • 10-15 minutes online
  • Multiple languages available
  • Answers are confidential
  • Executives complete safety practices checklist & safety incident data report


Get Results!

TalentClick conducts data analysis and delivers a comprehensive Safety Culture Report with insights and recommendations.


Safety Culture (SC) Sample Reports & Resources

Safety Culture Detailed Report

Provides the organization with an overall summary and open-ended comments to improve safety culture.

Safety Culture Customer Story

How an Industry Leader in Construction & Engineering Reduced its Incident Rate by 59%

SQ for Leaders Sample Report

The SQ-L Participant Report provides personalized tips on how to be a better safety leader.


See how the SC fits into TalentClick’s full suite of Safety Solutions

Safety Culture is only one piece of the puzzle, and looks at your organization as a whole. TalentClick’s full suite of safety solutions gives your organization the tools to put safety first by assessing each individual to help hire and train safer teams.

For Hiring: With the Safety Quotient (SQ), test an individual worker’s risk tolerance and predict their likelihood of unsafe behaviors on the job before you hire.
For Training: The SQ Participant Reports offer employees personalized safety tips on their own strengths and risks. To increase Safety Self-Awareness even further, add on our effective self-guided e-learning courses for workers and safety leaders.

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