Evaluate Cognitive Ability to Solve Work-Related Problems

Designed for frontline, entry-level workers, the Cognitive Quotient assesses three aspects of cognitive capacity:

  • Language Comprehension – Measures English language skills through word meanings and relationships
  • Numerical Skills – Measures the ability to correctly perform calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Spatial/Mechanical Skills – Measures problem-solving skills, pattern recognition and the manipulation of 2D & 3D objects

The assessment takes approximately 25-30 minutes. Once completed, a report is automatically generated that contains insight into a candidate’s strengths, feedback on areas for development, training tips, and suggested interview questions.


The Benefits of Assessing Cognitive Ability

Take 25-30 minutes and try the CQ today! (Receive the Employer Report directly to your inbox!)

Try the CQ
  • Save time predicting on-the-job success of frontline workers

    Designed for testing frontline workers, the CQ is a reliable tool for predicting job performance. The Cognitive Quotient is trusted by industries, including Transportation, Construction, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, and more.

  • Spatial/Mechanical Skills Predict Productivity & Quality of Hire

    In a 6-month data analysis for a manufacturing organization, Spatial/Mechanical Skills were the best predictor of performance. High scores on Spatial Ability were correlated with high ratings on productivity and quality. Low scores were more likely to result in corrective actions and terminations. Download Data Analysis

  • Match an individual’s abilities to relevant job tasks

    Assign work to team members based on their cognitive strengths. Use the Employer Reports for insight into the individual's strengths and areas for development, personalized training tips, and suggested interview questions.


How TalentClick Measures Cognitive Ability


Invite Applicants

From the TalentClick Portal, auto-send or manually send the Cognitive Quotient assessment link to each applicant or employee. It's easy to bulk import addresses. OR post a link on Job Portals or your Careers page.


Participants Complete Assessment

  • 25-30 minutes online
  • Recommend completing on a desktop
  • Multiple languages available
  • Non-invasive
  • No adverse impact


Get Results!

Reports are automatically stored in your account on our cloud-based platform. Reports can also be emailed directly to your inbox. Or integrate with your ATS or HRIS like SAP, Taleo or Workday


Cognitive Quotient (CQ) Sample Reports & Data Analysis

CQ Employer Sample Report

Provides employers with an overview of cognitive ability, plus interview questions and management tips

Manufacturing Data Analysis

6-month insights from a leading manufacturer on predicting job performance & safety behaviors

AVP+CQ Sample Report

Combine the CQ with our core AVP Report, to assess personality, behavioral risk & cognitive ability all-in-one.


Add the CQ to TalentClick’s Core Bundle: Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP)

On its own, the CQ provides insight into Cognitive ability. For a more in-depth look, the CQ can be bundled with our Attitude-Values-Personality assessment for a closer look at on-the-job behavior.

Easily bundled into one report and survey, the added insights of Workstyle Performance, Work Values, and Safety Risk are available all in one report. This comprehensive combo report provides an employer with a summary of traits, interview questions, and management considerations. The participant report is great for self-coaching and employee development. Start assessing your employee and candidates today!