Understand the Perceptions and Sentiments behind Employee Engagement

The Employee Engagement Survey (EE) is a diagnostic scan of workforce sentiment that provides a gap analysis between what leaders think is happening in the organization and what is really happening. Compiled reports provide organizations with:

  • Employee perceptions about the key aspects of the job that predict engagement, such as workload, flexibility, and supervisory support
  • Snapshot of overall employee intentions toward the organization, such as commitment and intention to remain in the role
  • Actionable insights into areas of strength and development to enhance engagement, productivity, and performance
  • Quantitative business intelligence to inform targeted organizational initiatives
  • Qualitative feedback from employees in the form of open-text responses

The Employee Engagement Survey takes 12-15 minutes to complete. Results are compiled confidentially by TalentClick and delivered in a detailed master report.


The Benefits of Assessing Employee Engagement

Download our info sheet to learn more about how the Employee Engagement Survey can help your organization.

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  • Increased employee satisfaction and improved morale

    The Employee Engagement Survey allows an organization to check in on morale and engagement levels. By valuing employee engagement and surveying your workforce, you’re taking the first step in increasing engagement and building a positive employer brand.

  • Decreased employee turnover and increased retention

    It can cost a minimum of two times an employee’s salary to hire and train a new employee (source). By measuring what is important to employees, an organization can prioritize areas of improvement that employees care about most to boost retention and reduce the costs and disruption of turnover.

  • Increased productivity by as much as 17%

    When more employees are engaged, their productivity and quality of work also increase. Recommendations from the Employee Engagement Survey will provide your organization with the business intelligence to drive organizational gains.


How TalentClick Measures Employee Engagement


Invite Participants

TalentClick sets up automated email campaign to send survey invites (& reminders) to all chosen participants.


Participants Complete Survey

  • Online survey
  • 12-15 minutes
  • Available in 6 languages
  • Anonymous


Get Results!

Receive results within 3-4 weeks.


Employee Engagement (EE) Sample Reports & Resources

Employee Engagement Summary Report

The executive summary report provides key insights on strengths and areas for development along with action tips

Employee Engagement Sample Report

Provides the organization with an overall results summary, open-ended comments

EE Appendix - Sample Open-Ended Feedback

Provides anonymous comments in response to open-ended questions from the survey