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Become a Certified Talent Assessor

Our certification program gives you the knowledge, confidence and credentials to be recognized as a Certified Talent Assessor (CTA). For HR Leaders, in-house assessment “champions”, hiring managers and TalentClick assessment partners, our approved curriculum sets you up for success.

Delivered through in-person workshops or online, our facilitated course certifies participants for interpreting and using specialized psychometric assessments for hiring top performing employees. The program empowers people with practical skills and knowledge of the key personality “default settings” and work values critical for a successful, long-term employee.


How to Use Psychometric Assessments for Hiring Top Performers

TalentClick’s core 4-hour program teaches leaders how to use assessment results to select high-performing employees for positions at the front-line, administrative, professional and leadership levels.

Using results from their own psychometric assessments, participants learn how to identify suitable applicants at the pre-employment screening stage.

The program is offered in 2 sessions:

  • 4-hour group training
    • Introduction to psychometrics and ensuring fit
    • Integrating psychometric assessments into the hiring workflow
    • Using reports for screening and selection in the hiring process

At the end of the first session, participants complete a test to demonstrate successful transfer of knowledge and commitment to behavioral change in future.

  • 2-hour review session

The review session takes place at the 30 day mark to debrief on learnings and address further questions. By the end of this session, participants are fully certified to use TalentClick assessments in the workplace.

Each successful participant receives certification as a CTA (Certified Talent Assessor) indicating they are fully trained on how to interpret and use TalentClick’s psychometric assessments.   

Course content is adapted, based on the requirements of participants, and may include any combination of the following personality dimensions:


  • Non Dominant vs. Dominant
  • Reserved vs. Outgoing
  • Reactive vs. Calm
  • Reserved vs. Outgoing
  • Direct vs. Empathetic
  • Spontaneous vs. Regimented
  • Conventional vs. Open-minded


Work Values

  • Conformity
  • Responsibility
  • Coachability
  • Positivity
  • Aggression Control
  • Open Communication


Safety Risk

  • Resistant vs. Accommodating
  • Anxious vs. Calm
  • Impatient vs. Patient
  • Distractible vs. Focused
  • Impulsive vs. Cautious
  • Thrill-seeking vs. Apprehensive

Want to certify multiple members of your team?  Ask us how we can customize the session to best suit your needs.  For more information, and to register for our next Certification Program, please contact us.