Build and Manage Safety Self-Awareness

TalentClick brings you the only Safety Self-Awareness training program that adapts course content according to the unique personality of each participant and educates participants on how personality contributes to safety risks in the workplace. This is not a traditional technical safety course, but rather a safety awareness course for organizations looking to reduce risk and create a culture of safety excellence.

Each participant’s Safety Quotient (SQ) personality assessment results are used to create a personalized, interactive course that can be delivered online through eLearning on demand, or as Train the Trainer for in-person workshops.

  1. LEVEL 1 – For Frontline Employees
  2. LEVEL 2 – For Supervisors & Safety Managers

In a fun and non-threatening way, participants learn about their own unique “hard wiring” and “default settings” (eg. distractible, impulsive, resistant, impatient, etc.) which lead to typical impulses and actions. Participants gain more self-awareness around their own personal safety strength and risk areas and continuously learn how to manage and develop their behaviors on an ongoing basis. These online eLearning on demand courses take about an hour to complete and provide participants with a completion certificate in Safety-Self-Awareness Training.


The Benefits of Safety Self-Awareness Training

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  • Reduce Incidents Caused by Human Error

    Studies show that up to 90% of workplace incidents are caused by human error, and progressive organizations are now looking at the human factor in the safety equation. Measure, evaluate and observe changes and improvements in your workplace’s safety culture and incident rates through self-awareness in safety settings.

  • Infuse Safety Awareness in your Organization’s Culture

    Cultivate a workplace in which everyone is responsible, accountable and proactive about managing their own safety risks and those of their peers. Demonstrate the organization is progressive and caring by offering innovative training that applies not only to the workplace but to life in general.

  • Energy company reduced incidents within 6 months of training

    Frontline workers have responded positively to training, saying it was “fun and engaging” with 84% of participants recommending the training for others. Safety Self-Awareness has increased Employee Engagement, and opened the workforce up to a better understanding of how to prevent incidents in the future! Read Customer Story.


How TalentClick Training Works


Invite Participants

Participants are sent an invitation to complete the online training. Invite all those in a safety-related role to take part (frontline to leadership).


Participants Complete Survey

  • 60 minutes
  • Online eLearning course
  • Self-Guided and Personalized
  • Includes quiz


Certificate of Completion

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. TalentClick will provide progress reports on the number of workers who have completed their training.


Safety Training Resources

Managing Safety Self-Awareness: Course Overview

Understand the purpose of safety training and the 6-week action plan to increase on-the-job safety.

Safety Self-Awareness Training Program Fact Sheet

6-12 month safety self-awareness training program. See the benefits and timeline

How an Oil & Gas Leader Decreased Incidents by 30%

Using the Safety Quotient and ongoing training, see how this organization strengthened Safety Culture


See how the SSA fits into TalentClick’s full suite of Safety Solutions

Safety Training is only one piece of the puzzle, and looks at your organization as a whole. TalentClick’s full suite of safety solutions allows your organization to put safety first by assessing each individual worker from frontline to management, to hire and train safer teams.

For Hiring: With the Safety Quotient (SQ), test an individual worker’s risk tolerance and predict their likelihood of unsafe behaviors on the job before you hire.
For Culture: The Safety Culture Survey assesses safety at an organizational level and provides business intelligence for decision support around safety initiatives, culture and employee engagement.

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