Free Offer for IFMA World Workplace Attendees

Free Offer for IFMA World Workplace Attendees

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Thank you for your interest in our session, Managing Human Error: The Leading Cause Behind Workplace Incidents, at this year's IFMA World Workplace Conference & Expo. To get the most out of your time with us, please take your own Personality Risk Assessment for free ($40 value) and get your own Safety Quotient™ Self-Coaching Report.

Safety Quotient™

About Safety Quotient™

Safety Quotient™ measures how likely a person is to cause a workplace incident and provides practical tips for front-line workers and their supervisor(s) to build safety self-awareness in the interest of reducing risk of incidents, injuries and non-compliance.

Use Your SQ™ at IFMA World Workplace

Complete the Safety Quotient™ Personality Risk Assessment, a 10-15 minute online survey accessible from any web browser. Once completed, you will receive the Safety Quotient™ Self-Coaching Report, which includes:

  1. Your Personal Safety Risk Factors
  2. Recommendations for Controlling Your "Higher-Risk" Natural Impulses
  3. Your Personalized SafeSELF Action Plan Workbook

Be sure to bring your Self-Coaching Report to our session at IFMA as we will be demonstrating how to use these results to build strong safety self-awareness for you and those that work for you.

SQ Self-Coaching Report