Top 5 Reasons to Use Benchmarks

Top 5 Reasons to Use Benchmarks

We all want to hire the best people in the least amount of time.  When hiring new employees there are many factors to consider – previous work experience, hard skills, soft skills and more. Benchmarks help quantify and predict on-the-job behavior by comparing candidate results to top performers in the given job. Finding high performers in a sea of candidates isn’t the only reason to use benchmarks.  Take a look at our Top 5:


1. Save Your Team TimeKnow what good looks like

A benchmark with fit score provides quick, at-a-glance, insight into whether or not a candidate is a strong fit for the role. Whether visualized by a colour-coded “Green Means Go” box or a high-score gauge, hiring managers instantly see how well the candidate’s personality aligns with the role and how to action the applicant in the interview process.  Save time by prioritizing the people most likely to be a good hire for your team.

2. Be Consistent & Remove Bias

Benchmarked assessments bring some science into the mix. Science doesn’t care how old you are or where you were born. Remove unconscious bias from the hiring process by providing objective standards when looking at a candidate report. This creates consistency across all your hiring managers and an unbiased way to narrow down your candidate pool to find the best person for the job.

3. Dig Deeper in Interviews

Good assessment reports offer personalized interview questions specific to an individual’s strengths and potential areas of concern.  When considering interview questions to probe deeper into the candidate’s potential, look at the dimensions where they fall outside the benchmark. This way you get a deeper understanding of the candidate’s possible gaps or blind-spots that don’t always get uncovered in a standardized interview.  Don’t just hire who interviewed the best… ask better questions to reveal who’s likely to perform on the job the best.


4. See up to 4 job roles on one report!

Struggling with a candidate shortage, or wanting to assess an applicant for more than one role at a time? Benchmarked reports can display up to 4 benchmarks at a time, so you can see where someone fits best. This is an efficient, easy way to save time when mass hiring for high volume roles.


5. Empower new HR personnel and hiring managers 

Help your new HR and Hiring Managers get up to speed faster with benchmarks. Reports provide the insights they need to make informed decisions with confidence. Benchmarks can be customized to your job, and your organization, bringing your team extra insight into who will succeed… and stay. 

After all, we know that “Ideal Profile” employees stay on the job up to 40% longer. With results like that, benchmarks could help you be the next Office Hero.

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