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Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP)

  • Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP)
  • Work Values & Attitude (WVA)
  • Safety Quotient (SQ) / Driver Safety Quotient (DSQ)
  • Comprehensive Employer reports with interview questions and coaching tips
  • Participant reports for employee learning and development


  • Full access to our cloud-based portal for 7 days, including Report Builder, Team Reports and Fit Score Sorter
  • Self-serve training resources
  • Upgrade at any time


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Basic plus:


Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP)

Cognitive Quotient (CQ)

English Proficiency (EP)


Advanced access to our Cloud based portal includes:

  • Team Analytics
  • Report Builder for benchmark library and fit scores for multiple roles
  • Sort function for ranking applicants
  • Validity Category
  • Live support


Advanced features

Standard plus:


Leadership Profile (LP)

  • Conflict Management Style
  • Business Reasoning

Report Customization

Custom benchmarking of top performers

Job Analysis

Competency mapping

Additional professional consulting time


API for integration with your HRIS/ATS

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