Try the Leadership Profile for Free

Try the Leadership Profile for Free

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Leadership Profile

Executives and Directors bear increasing responsibility for helping their organization find and develop leaders who can move their company toward their vision and goals. You may find yourself asking “What leadership skills are required for the future?” or “How do we ensure we hire, develop, and retain the right people with the right skills?”.

Uncover Important Leadership Factors

The Leadership Profile measures:

  • Leadership Orientation (Non-competitive vs. Dominant)
  • Emotional Orientation (Reactive vs. Calm)
  • Social Orientation (Reserved vs. Outgoing)
  • Interpersonal Orientation (Direct vs. Empathetic)
  • Task Orientation (Spontaneous vs. Regimented)
  • Conceptual Orientation (Conventional vs. Open-minded)
  • Teamwork Orientation
  • Conflict Management Style

The Importance of Leadership Assessment

Gaining insight into candidates and identifying their Default Settings provides you with a detailed understanding of how they will fit into roles and teams. Proper assessment of leadership candidates can also increase retention, productivity, engagement, customer satisfaction, and - most importantly -Profitability.

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