Coaching and Development

Coaching and Development

Train Your Current Workforce Into Top Performers

The day-to-day behavior and workstyle of your employees, including senior management, may not always support your organization’s values, culture, and goals. This is not necessarily their fault, they are simple acting the way they have always acted.

But what if you could coach and develop their workstyle and behaviors to match the requirements of your organization? With TalentClick’s solutions, you can develop an average employee into a top performer with:

Work Values Assessment

Identify how an employee’s integrity and values are aligned with the rest of the team, providing insight into the coaching they require to better fit with their teams.

360 Performance Review

Collect feedback from multiple managers and subordinates to get a well-rounded snapshot of an individual’s work performance and areas for improvement.

Leadership Profile

Assess candidates for executive and director level promotions to find and develop leaders who can move their company towards its vision and goals.

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