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In more than 100 countries worldwide, TalentClick gives you data-driven insights to hire, train, and develop top performers. Our tools are fast and easy to use, scientifically validated, and astonishingly affordable. Start building a happier, more engaged, and more productive workforce today!

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Learn what TalentClick can do for you


Our core bundle provides a snapshot of workstyle, work values, and safety risk. All in one short survey!

Safety Assessments & Training

Increase on-the-job safety with this 6-week Safety training program for leaders and frontline workers.

Employee Engagement Survey

Understand employee sentiment and intentions about your organization, with actionable insights to increase engagement.

Skills Testing

Our Cognitive Quotient, English Proficiency, and Business Reasoning test hard skills in applicants.

Our platform can be tailored for any industry.

We work with business leaders in over 100 countries around the world in a wealth of industries. See how we customize our solutions for your industry.

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Our Platform

TalentClick Portal

The TalentClick Portal is more than just an inventory of your TalentClick reports. Included in every unlimited-use subscription, the easy-to-use cloud-based Portal gives you the tools for deeper insights into individuals and teams by taking assessment results to the next level.

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Our Science

Scientifically Validated Tools You Can Trust

We are constantly evaluating and improving our solutions as we continue to collect more data and run analyses. Our assessments are globally validated with no adverse impact.

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Our Success Stories

See How We've Helped Our Clients

TalentClick is used by thousands of business leaders in more than 100 countries. See what our customers are saying, and the results that are impacting their businesses

Explore More Success Stories

A Transportation Company Hired More Top Performers and Decreased Employee Turnover

In 3 years, more than 7000 potential hires were assessed, and PWT's turnover rate decreased by more than 20% and customer satisfaction increased by more than 16%

Pacific Western Transportation
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How Benchmarking Helped Identify Top Performers in the Insurance Industry

TalentClick tools have helped State Farm agents build thriving business with 5% increase in sales, and 14% improvement in customer satisfaction.

State Farm
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Forestry Company uses Customized Solution for Remote Hires

Interfor is spending less time on screening applicants in remote locations, and hiring managers have a more powerful interview process with personalized interview questions!

Our Guides

Learn more about assessments and testing

How to Select a Talent Assessment Vendor
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Our Resources

News and Updates

September 26, 2022
3 Things You Need to Know about Employee Engagement Surveys

The world of work is in a state of perpetual change. What employees are looking for, what they need to thrive, and how they feel about their job seem to fluctuate on almost a daily basis. Managers and executives have varying opinions about work ethic, quiet quitting, and inflation demands, all driving to that bottom line. But what does your workforce really think about you, your organization, and their job? Think you know what your employees want? Think again.

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September 16, 2022
Employee Engagement Survey by TalentClick (2-minute video)
Watch Video
September 7, 2021
Predict Driver Safety (2-minute video)
Watch Video
January 25, 2022
4 Things you might not know about Soft Skills
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