What is the LP ?

The Leadership Profile (LP) helps inform hiring, placement, and leadership development of your organization’s most valuable resource – its leaders. This advanced assessment builds on our other core solutions and offers a more in-depth leadership analysis of both existing employees and new candidates. Investing in personalized leadership programs for your high potential people leads to increased retention, productivity, engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability.

How Does It Work?

The Leadership Profile builds on our core Workstyle and Performance Profile (WPP) by adding in two additional areas of exploration.  Most suited to those in manager, supervisor or executive levels, the Leadership Profile takes 45-60 minutes to complete, and gives detailed insights into these three key areas of leadership:

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Benefits of Using the LP

  • Measure leadership potential so you can invest in your leaders of today and tomorrow
  • Understand how leaders will ‘fit’ to certain roles and teams
  • Identify and develop world-class talent to help your organization grow
  • Gain insight into natural leadership style, strengths and gaps to offer personalized and impactful development programs
  • Identify possible risks or areas of concern
  • Increase retention, productivity, quality of teams and profitability

Identify NEW leaders in your pre-hiring process: 

  • Assess new applicants to easily identify high potential leaders to help you build your organization. 

Develop & retain EXISTING leaders in your organization:

  • Invest in the strongest leaders within your organization with personalized development and coaching programs.

Groom FUTURE leaders for seamless succession planning:

  • Plan for the future, and identify internal and external candidates with the best fit for your leadership roles.

The 7 Ways Reports Support Managers

Leadership Profile Plus (LP+)

The Leadership Profile Plus (LP+) provides all the benefits of the Leadership Profile, while adding Work Values and Risk Tolerance and the Employer Report provides a Leadership Fit Score. Get started by trying the LP+ yourself now!

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Sample Reports & Resources

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Business Reasoning Sample

Conflict Management Sample

Conflict Management Interpretation

Employer Sample Report

Participant Sample Report
Leadership Profile Participant Report