11. Employee Engagement Survey

The 3 engagement “indicators” are discrete factors from the 12 engagement “drivers,” so each of the 15 factors has its own set of questions. The drivers reflect employee perceptions regarding job features, supervisory behaviors, or organization practices that have been shown to drive engagement, which is indicated by overall job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and sense of alignment.

By including both indicators and drivers in the Employee Engagement Report, you can get a ‘pulse check’ on how employees are feeling and their general attitudes and sentiment toward the organization (i.e., “indicators”), as well as insight into the specific levers that are likely driving these feelings and attitudes (i.e., “drivers”).

The standard TalentClick survey collects the Management-level (manager vs. non-manager) of employees. In the standard master report, all results are displayed according to three groups: all employees, managers, and non-managers. Please see the sample report for reference.

The TalentClick survey does not collect additional demographic information. However, if you wish to receive results according to demographic group, you can include any of these details in the participant list that you send to TalentClick, in order to:
1. Receive separate/additional reports according to specified groups, and/or
2. Receive an anonymized data file with the aggregate survey responses for all demographic variables

Both options include an additional cost. Please contact us for details.