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Predict High-Risk Drivers – Join our Driver Safety Research Study

Human Error causes 90% of Driving Incidents. Learn how your drivers and operators are behaving on the job and what high-risk behaviors correlate to driving incidents. TalentClick research studies help you take a deep dive into behavioral data and predictive analytics.

The top 3 challenges we will study are:

  • Identifying the high-risk drivers most likely to be distracted, rule resistant and cause costly incidents on the road
  • Reducing turnover by predicting who is naturally suited to the job
  • Screening in more qualified drivers in a candidate shortage

Past research has shown drivers and operators who are highly Distractible had on average 139% more At-Fault Accidents.

Predict high-risk drivers before you hire. Join TalentClick’s global transportation clients in a new research study today! Get the upper hand on your competitors and learn to make better hiring decisions with personality assessments. Sign up to learn more and speak with a TalentClick representative.

Join our Research Study!

“TalentClick is setting an entirely new standard in safety culture of an organization and in safety training and education."

-- CEO, Transportation Company