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At TalentClick, we are world-class specialists in psychometrics focused on Risk. In more than 100 countries around the globe, employers are using our unique personality assessments to create happier, safer, and more profitable workplaces. Our number one product is our Safety Quotient™ (SQ™) personality-risk assessment, which can be used for hiring or employee development. But, our core offerings cover the full range of assessments to serve all our clients’ needs.

Add our SQ™ assessment to your line-up as a TalentClick Distributor!

We have a 96% customer retention rate, and we’re growing to keep up to market demand for our innovative products. We are actively looking for experienced distribution partners who fit these criteria:

  1. You are a polished professional with a successful track record of selling personality tests to clients across North America or internationally.
  2. You are open to expanding your current offering with complementary products.
  3. You are attracted to the idea of preventing injuries and saving lives.
  4. You want to enhance your existing customer relationships and penetrate new markets by bringing clients innovative, new solutions.
  5. You need to stay ahead of the competition.
  6. You are driven to make more money.


Our standard solution is a 10-15 minute online assessment which generates many reports—all for one low price.

    1. Safety Quotient™ (SQ™) predicts the likelihood of someone acting impulsive, distractible, rule resistant, impatient. It can be used to reduce safety incidents, injuries, fatalities, property damage, and work stoppages.
    2. Driver Safety Quotient™ (DSQ™) can be used to decrease incidents of crashes, moving violations, and operator error for motor vehicles and heavy equipment.
    3. Work Values & Attitude (WVA) predicts conformity, responsibility, positivity, and more. It may be used to reduce incidents of bad hires, poor performance, violence, harassment, theft, fraud, and more.
    4. Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP) predicts behaviors related to ambition, empathy, attention to detail, outgoingness, and more. We also produce a specialized WPP-Sales for identifying top lead-generation sales reps (hunters), account managers (farmers), and customer service representatives.


  1. Cognitive Quotient (CQ) evaluates a participant’s ability to solve work-related problems using language comprehension, numerical and spatial skills.
  2. English Proficiency (EP) measures a person’s ability to review written English, use correct grammar, understand the meanings of words and type error-free sentences.


The price per person starts at around $50 and drops based on volume. Alternatively, you can offer your customers an annual subscription, bringing the price per person much lower and also providing fixed-cost certainty for budgeting purposes. The bottom line is, the pricing is so affordable that your clients can assess all their existing employees and all applicants. We are disruptors who are removing price as a barrier. We say, “Go ahead. Test everyone!”


TalentClick offers several partnership arrangements to fit your business model and client needs, so you can successfully provide innovative solutions with unrivaled customer satisfaction, profitability and ease. Sign one agreement, and you can sell using both of these methods:

Option 1: Retail – It’s easy. Simply refer qualified business to TalentClick and earn a percentage of commission on the retail billings. We’ll work directly with the customer and handle 100% of the contract paperwork, setup, invoicing, billing and collections, and ongoing customer service. This leaves you free to focus on your core business.

Option 2: Wholesale – If you prefer, you can buy credits directly from us and then re-sell the assessments to your clients. We provide special wholesale prices to you which allow you to mark things up and make a nice, healthy profit margin. With this option, you will be in control of servicing your clients as well as billing and collections.


As a TalentClick Certified Instructor, you can earn even more revenue by facilitating our Safety Self-Awareness workshops. Ask us for details.


From the U.S. to Australia, from Canada to South Africa, we have happy partners around the world who love our products and love how we support them in growing their businesses.

“I have been working with Talent Click’s SQ assessment and have found it to be an excellent tool. My clients love how easy it is to use, with great results. I look forward to expanding my relationship with TalentClick.”
– Bryan Summers, President & Owner, Carolina Profiles

“I’ve been working with the team at TalentClick since 2015, and it has been a great experience for both me and my clients. The reports are unique and innovative, and employers love the business intelligence around risk. Clients are seeing real gains such as reductions in incidents and employee turnover. As well, the people at TalentClick are professional, courteous, and responsive, and are great to work with.
– John Beck Jr., President & Owner, The Assessment Company